Alarms Management
TZ Coastal Monitoring offers advanced and fully customizable alarms management. In seconds, authorized users can create new alarms and rules using the alarm options menu.

It is very easy to draw a boundary of the area to monitor and assign a specific behavior that triggers a notification. A rule can be the following:

  • Target Enters the area
  • Target Exits the area
  • Target Stops in the area
  • Target Restarts from the area
  • Define acceptable speed limits and assign it to the area

In the event of an alarm, operators can simply click from the alarm list to acknowledge it.

The notification is also fully customizable. Here are some examples:

  • Visual and Audible Alarm
  • Target automatic track recording
  • Target Video Tracking
  • Automatic notification email sent to a specific email address

Our open alarm management allows the use of custom scripts. Here is an example used for fish farms theft: when a boat enters in a forbidden area at night, lights are automatically turned on!

diagram installation alarms lights