AIS / ARPA Targets

Nowadays, Automatic Identification Systems are the most common tool for marine identification and control. TZ Coastal Monitoring comes with the best AIS management available. With our extremely powerful technology, AIS Targets can be set to specific colors according to the type of vessel it is. Targets can be classified automatically or manually, giving you ultra-precise information about the surrounding vessels. TZ Coastal Monitoring processes the raw radar echo data with its own proprietary high-resolution ARPA algorithm and post-processing filters to provide you with the best detection system. Virtually unlimited ARPA Acquisition and Exclusion Areas can be set up in TZ Coastal Monitoring allowing the precise definition of areas to be monitored.


Weather Forecasts

When the elements get out of control, the sooner you know, the safer you are! TZ Coastal Monitoring gives you free and unlimited access to weather forecasts worldwide. Reliable weather forecasts (up to 16 days) can be downloaded for free directly through the software or received by email. In addition to the weather service, TZ Coastal Monitoring can also be connected to a Real Time Weather Station.


VHF Communications

TZ Coastal Monitoring allows interfacing up to 4 VHF which allow the monitoring of up to 4 Channels at the same time.


Types of data coming from different sensors:

  • Radar image

  • AIS Targets

  • Cameras video

  • VHF communication

  • Etc.

It is then very easy to specify a date/time and display instantaneously all the targets at their specific location at this date/time.

record and replay tz vcr

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